Master Agreements

1. Introduction to master agreements

2. Contents of legal frameworks

3. Types of master agreements

4. Confirmation process

5. Settlement process

6. Netting

7. Defaults

8. Credit support annex

Exam: Legal – Master agreements (Basic)

Reader: Legal – Master agreements (Basic)

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Acquiring insight and knowledge of:

  • Types of contracts
  • Contract specifications
  • Legal documentation
  • Documenting specific situations
  • Master agreements, legal frameworks
  • The working of ISDA, EFET and IETA contracts
  • Fall back procedures
  • Force majeure claims
  • Credit support arrangements
  • Insolvency and close-out netting

Course contents

  • 1. Introduction to master agreements
    • To provide the basics and explain what is covered
    • General provisions versus commercial terms
  • 2. Contents of legal frameworks
    • About rights & obligations
    • Payment due dates, business days, timetables
  • 3. Types of master agreements
    • About ISDA, EFET, GTMA, IETA and SCoTA frameworks
    • Terms of Trading
  • 4. Confirmation process
    • About deal confirmation and automized processes
    • Confirmation process & confirmation officers in the back office
  • 5. Settlement process
    • Delivery, invoicing and payment, including nomination process
    • Physical delivery contracts and cash settlement contracts
  • 6. Netting
    • About bilateral netting, multilateral netting & close-out netting
    • Including exposure netting & payment netting
  • 7. Defaults
    • What are termination processes? When can these occur?
    • When can force majeure be claimed? What does it concern?
  • 8. Credit support annex
    • About amendments to master agreements such as CSAs
    • Including collateralisation
  • Exam
  • Reader
Price online €399.00 excl. VAT
Price in-class €990.00 excl. VAT
Calendar in-class Amsterdam
13 Jun 2018
Duration in-class 1 day
Level Basic
Language English

Course elements


8 video modules .

Extensive Reader

A reader providing significant background and depth.

Tests & Final Exam

Several test questions per module and a final exam covering the whole course.


When the final exam has been passed you will receive the digital certificate and can be registered with the Charter.