Module: Introduction to MiFID

Module: Background & Scope

Module: Definitions – Financial instruments

Module: MiFID2 & MiFIR

Module: Implications for energy (trading) firms

Module: MiFID timeline

Module: ESMA – Technical standards

Module: Position limits

Module: Capital requirements – CRD IV

Reader: MiFID (Basic)

Exam: MiFID (Basic)

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The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Mastering the background of why MiFID was implemented;
  • Understanding why it was updated and MiFID2 plus MiFIR were developed;
  • Mastering the directives and regulation, and what it aims for;
  • Understanding what is practically required by trading organisation in the sense of processes, operations and IT;
  • Being able to indicate the implications for energy companies

Course contents

  • Module: Introduction to MiFID
    • About the scope and background of directive 2004/39/EC.
  • Module: Background & Scope
    • About investment firms, financial instruments, trading venues, market abuse, KYC, transaction reporting, pre- & post-trade transparency, European integration and exemption regimes.
  • Module: Definitions – Financial instruments
    • Definition(s) of financial instruments, investment firm&activities.
    • The position of commodity derivatives - Physical forwards.
  • Module: MiFID2 & MiFIR
    • Impact of market integration, financial instability & transparency.
    • Widening of scope, adjusted definitions & intro of new concepts. 
    • Including OTFs, financial instruments, investment & ancillary services, C6 energy derivatives, NFC+ & NFC- and position limits.
  • Module: Implications for energy (trading) firms
    • Transparency, reporting, organisational requirements, new trading venues and mandatory use of regulated markets.
    • Potential consequences for liquidity and other challenges.
  • Module: MiFID timeline
    • Overview of steps in the process of MiFID, MiFID 2 and MiFIR.
    • When did what take place? And what is next?
  • Module: ESMA – Technical standards
    • About monitoring, publications & reports, plus technical advise.
    • Concerning the regulatory technical & implementing standards.
  • Module: Position limits
    • About position limits and explaning the implications of it.
  • Module: Capital requirements – CRD IV
    • About the Basel accords, Basel 3 and Solvency 2.
    • Covering the capital requirements directive, version 4 (CRD4).
  • Reader
  • Exam
    This is the exam for MiFID (Basic level) After passing the exam, you will be able to receive your certificate here as well.
Price online €299.00 excl. VAT
Price in-class €990.00 excl. VAT
Calendar in-class Amsterdam
23 Mar 2018

29 Sep 2018
Duration in-class 1 day
Level Basic
Language English

Course elements


9 video modules (a combined total of ~140 minutes of video content).

Extensive Reader

A reader providing significant background and depth.

Tests & Final Exam

Several test questions per module and a final exam covering the whole course.


When the final exam has been passed you will receive the digital certificate and can be registered with the Charter.