MAR – A Legal View

1. Introduction

2. Scope

3. Inside information, insider dealing & unlawful disclosure of i.i

4. Market manipulation

5. Market monitoring & market surveillance

6. Sanctioning

7. Monitoring & surveillance – Forensics

8. ESMA & competent authorities

Exam: MAR

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Specific financial market regulation is developed to assure markets are not manipulated and trading does not take place based on inside information. This regulation is called the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) (regulation 596/2014). This course covers the content and consequences. Next, It covers practical examples of abuse and is therefore especially suitable for front office staff.

The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Mastering the background of why regulation for the European financial markets is implemented;
  • Mastering the regulation (MAR), its objectives and its implications for organisations and professionals;
  • To embed integer behavior, to test integrity and to become compliant with MAR provisions;
  • Formulate criteria which have to be taken into account in order to identify inside information and/or market manipulation;
  • Being able to apply these criteria in the decision making process;
  • To weigh alternatives and judge what is the most optimal decision in practical cases.
  • Familiarizing with the consequences for operators of trading venues;
  • Familiarizing with the consequences for emitting parties (EAMP);
  • Familiarizing with reporting of suspicious activities (STOR);
  • Being able to apply the criteria of relevance in order to identify abuse;
  • Being able to cope with dilemma’s in decision making processes;

Course contents

  • 1. Introduction
    • Background of MAR and MAD II.
    • What do MAR and MAD II aim for? Why were these needed?
  • 2. Scope
    • Which market and products are in the scope of MAR?
    • Which market participants are in the scope of MAR?
  • 3. Inside information, insider dealing & unlawful disclosure of i.i
    • Criteria, consequences and more
    • Emission allowances market participant (EAMP) has to publish i.i.
  • 4. Market manipulation
    • Classification of manipulation & types per class 
    • Accepted market practices
    • Indicators of market manipulation; Annex I
  • 5. Market monitoring & market surveillance
    • Prevention & detection
    • Professional persons arranging or executing transactions (PPAET)
    • Suspicious transaction or order report (STOR)
  • 6. Sanctioning
    • Adminstrative sanctions
    • Criminal sanctions
  • 7. Monitoring & surveillance – Forensics

    • Tools to support surveillance function
    • Software applied for the purpose of monitoring markets

  • 8. ESMA & competent authorities
    • ESMA's role
    • The role of national authorities & the interaction between them
  • Exam
Price online €399.00 excl. VAT
Price in-class €690.00 excl. VAT
Calendar in-class Amsterdam
30 Mar 2018
Duration in-class 1 day
Level Basic
Language English

Course elements


7 video modules (a combined total of ~190 minutes of video content).

Extensive Reader

A reader providing significant background and depth.

Tests & Final Exam

Several test questions per module and a final exam covering the whole course.


When the final exam has been passed you will receive the digital certificate and can be registered with the Charter.