Module: Level 1 legislation – MiFID II & MiFIR

Module: Level 2 legislation – RTSs & ITSs

Module: Level 3 measures – Guidance & more

Module: Scope & Financial instruments

Module: Ancillary services test

Module: Consequences for energy companies

Module: Position limits

Module: Transparency

Module: Capital requirements

Module: Reporting

Exam: MiFID II

Reader: MiFID II

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The learning objectives for this programme are:

  • Mastering the background of why MiFID was implemented;
  • Understanding why it was updated and MiFID2 plus MiFIR were developed;
  • Mastering the directives and regulation, and what it aims for;
  • Understanding what is practically required by trading organisation in the sense of processes, operations and IT;
  • Being able to indicate the implications for energy companies

Course contents

  • Module: Level 1 legislation – MiFID II & MiFIR
    • About directive 2014/65/EU and regulation no. 600/2014
    • Including the background: G-20 meeting in Pittsburg, 2009
  • Module: Level 2 legislation – RTSs & ITSs

    • About secundary legislation
    • The role of ESMA, EC, Parliament and Council

  • Module: Level 3 measures – Guidance & more

    • About the development of guidelines and other documentation
    • Including Q&A, FAQ and manuals

  • Module: Scope & Financial instruments

    • Concerning the definition of financial instruments
    • Including EUAs
    • Covering Regulated Markets, MTFs and OTFs

  • Module: Ancillary services test

    • About the interpretation of 'ancillary' as well as 'hedging'
    • Covering RTS 20 (regulatory technical standard, doc.no. 20)

  • Module: Consequences for energy companies

    • Re the consequences for energy traders that have to comply
    • Covering organizational requirements and operations

  • Module: Position limits

    • About RTS 21 (regulatory technical standard, doc.no. 21)
    • Covering the limits that have to be applied & the relevant criteria

  • Module: Transparency

    • Covering pre-trade & post-trade transparency
    • Concerning best price execution

  • Module: Capital requirements

    • About the Basel accords and Basel 3
    • Covering the capital requirements directive, version 4 (CRD IV)

  • Module: Reporting

    • Regarding trade reporting, transaction reporting and position reporting

  • Exam
  • Reader
Price online €299.00 excl. VAT
Price in-class €990.00 excl. VAT
Calendar in-class Amsterdam
8 Oct 2018
Duration in-class 1 day
Level Basic
Language English

Course elements


10 video modules (a combined total of ~130 minutes of video content).

Extensive Reader

A reader providing significant background and depth.

Tests & Final Exam

Several test questions per module and a final exam covering the whole course.


When the final exam has been passed you will receive the digital certificate and can be registered with the Charter.